Film︎︎︎ Experimental.

Abstraction is a constant element in my work, films are
no exception. 

I’m Way Beyond Your Human World ︎︎︎

Inspired by René Clair’s Entr’acte, this experimental film follows an individual’s journey with melancholy, to them reaching the state of not existing anymore. The film contains overlapping of footage in order to express the collision of real life with the individual’s chaotic mental state. The film contains a clear separation between the blacks and whites, showcasing the harshness of melancholy.

Shadows of Meadows and Death ︎︎︎


This experimental fashion film/installation incorporates one girl
from two parallel universes together, expressing the girl’s apparent
serene state of mind in one universe, and her disturbed reality, emotions,
and damaged self in the other.

Animation Reel 2020 ︎︎︎